Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Under the Sheets With Soror Hoov'mm: Seduction-A Poem

Hey! Just thought I'd show you guys a little of my kinky poet side in a quick post.


And the Bringer of Light said…
I have forgotten my own name,
Demon, Misleader, driving me insane,
Taunting tainted fruit not for my tasting,
As in the juices of lust I’m basting.
Believing I’m climbing higher,
All along damning my heart with this fire,
Slowly binding to passions you’re inflicting,
Sensations forbidden, observed once with convicting.
Desire ruling this human form,
Swelling heat in a boiling storm,
Temperature rising, preparing incineration,
Poisonous delight, anticipating penetration.
Fitting we meet as I was upward going,
Your serpent’s tail now showing,
Masquerading, you greet with black deception,
Can I withstand its full erection?
Tortured not knowing, will I ever be the same,
Sanity again to reign?
Transmuted genes from years of disconnection,
Something’s missing in this game called Seduction.
You say for it you’re searching,
While drowning in selfish identity, lurking.
Deceiver, before the fall I saw you here,
Wallowing in this abyss of lies and fear.
I came once looking for your soul to save,
Now captured by tormented dreams, a slave,
Tangled in the embrace of shame,
Only myself to blame.
Am I defeated by my own longing to concede,
Slavery or freedom? Which will it be?
Only I can choose to see past the illusion of sin,
Breaking imaginary chains that hold me in.
Oh, how I fight your treacherous tongue,
Guarding my being, flickering songs unsung,
Plotting to be my Master,
Promising Heaven as I fall even faster,
Saying, “Hell would be to never know your touch.”
Can I change this legacy,
Or “is it just too much,” I’m asking?
Am I to stay here forever basking,
In the dark grasp of degeneracy?

Hope you guys "enjoyed"

Until Sex Time...this is Soror Hoov'mm saying...

Fuck You <3

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Under the Sheets With Soror Hoov'mm: "Self Portrait"-A Bedtime Story

      It's almost 7 in the morning and I'm not gonna lie...a bitch too horny to sleep. So being that it's a little too early (for him anyway) to be calling some dick over...I figured I'd entertain you all with a little story.
      So lay back, relax, let your bra straps fall, your hands wander...and try not to make TOO much of a mess :)

      It was hot enough to fry chips; the air smelt of pencil sharpenings; the sky was tinged with violet; and Carolyn felt weird. She had been restless in her study, and had gone out with nowhere in particular to go. She had driven to the gym, and sat in her car watching perfectly toned people in perfectly accessorised tracksuits stroll in and out before driving off. She had gone to the mall and drifted with the currents, finding nothing and no-one of any interest. She drank a tasteless cup of coffee with an outlandish name to justify an outlandish price tag. She felt the lukewarm goo seeping through her body. It was highly unsatisfying.
She overtipped the waiter and wandered aimlessly out of the mall and up the road. She wished she had work to do, but she had worked late last night and finished everything up. What a stupid thing to do! She could have watched crappy American reality tv shows, or learnt some useless trivia from Discovery channel, she could have chatted up strangers on the internet. She could have baked a cake, or read a good book, or called some friends on the phone that she hadn’t talked to for ages because her life was so boring she could think of nothing to say.
She could even, and she realised this was a stretch, have talked to Michael. He had come to the study door once or twice, lurking hopefully, offering up some bait: “Mythbusters is just starting, if you want to…” or “I’m just making a fire in the sitting room if you want to…” Her husband never finished his sentences these days - he was as sure as she that no, she didn’t want to. Contemplating her comatose marriage depressed her even more, and on a whim she walked into an art gallery. Here, at least, it was expected of you to stand around and do nothing. In fact the less you did the better.
The main hall which was peopled by large sculptures, an imposing army of malformed humanity, which at once appealed to her loneliness, and forced her further into her own skin. One in particular caught her attention - a little girl, crouched down, staring intently at something Carolyn could not see. She walked past some sculptures - a hand brushed across her breast and she jumped in surprise, but it was just a stone banker, his eyes staring eternally at a calculator. She reached the little girl, and saw she was staring into a small side room. One finger was pointing. Not knowing why, Carolyn murmured “thank you”, and walked into the room.
It held only one painting, but it seemed too small to hold even that. A woman smiled at Carolyn, directly at her, a knowing smile, a smile that cut right through Carolyn. This woman had what Carolyn wanted. She moved closer to the canvas, she wanted to touch it, to rip the woman off the wall. She raised one arm, fingertips outstretched.
“Don’t turn around,” a voice breathed behind her. “Just act natural. Act like you and I are both just looking at the painting.” Normally Carolyn would whip around and mace anyone who said that, but this voice spoke to be obeyed. It made the hairs on her neck tingle, but in a good way.
She continued to study the portrait - the lady smiled down at her, as if she knew what was coming, and approved. Carolyn felt the heat of masculinity behind her, wondered how close he was. Here was a complete stranger and she wanted to lean back and rest against him, he felt so solid, so alive.
“I’ve been watching you. You’re the most beautiful work of art in this gallery. Instinctively Carolyn started to turn, but, “Don’t worry,” the voice whispered, “I’ve seen the wedding ring. I’m not actually proposing anything. But I just wanted to tell you.” The voice was right in her ear now, lips touching her, sending bolts of electricity straight down her spine into her groin, “if you weren’t married, I know exactly what I’d do with you.”
There was a silence so tense that Carolyn almost stopped breathing. He was obviously waiting for her so she whispered.
“I’d take you to my room - I have one of those big four poster beds, the kind you only see in movies and museums? Wooden, with red velvet. I’d tell you to strip, and I’d go into another room, but I’d watch through my secret window. You’d undress without self-consciousness, and I’d see the real everyday beauty of your body, stripped of clothes, stripped of vanity.
While he spoke, his fingertips touched her neck. His touch was so light she thought she might be imagining it, but then the warmth from his hands started to permeate her skin, and soon the impressions of his fingers glowed in vibrant detail.
“Before I came in I’d let you drape yourself in a silk sheet, until you got so carried away that you wouldn’t care if everyone saw you naked, you wouldn’t care if we were in the middle of a highway performing for the world to see. You would get that carried away. I guarantee it.”
“You think I’m that easy?” she asked, her voice breaking uncomfortably.
“No. I think I’m that good!” the man laughed, a warm laugh that should be collected up and sold in cans for lonely women to open on cold Friday nights. “I’d tie your arms to the bedposts with two silk scarves, for you are my artwork to enjoy as I please. I would slowly draw down the silk sheet, exposing every tiny inch of you. And I’d watch with joy as your nipples sprang up in the cold air. I’d unveil you, and then. starting slowly from your toes, I’d stroke my tongue along your leg. Like a paintbrush, drawing you into existence. My tongue would trace each and every curve and hollow, and when one leg was done, I’d start with the other.”
As he spoke, her legs nearly gave way. She felt like someone else entirely. And it was a good feeling.
“I’m not making you uncomfortable am I?,” his voice spoke suddenly, a different voice almost. “I could stop?”
“No, go on, I’m intrigued.”
“I’d kiss your body into life, your arms, each hand and every finger, your stomach. My mouth would form your breast, and then I’d suck each nipple into life. Your mouth would ache for a kiss, but first I’d explore your neck, each little kiss getting closer until I reached your mouth, and for the first time you could taste me and I could taste you.”
Her mouth almost watered for a kiss, but she remained motionless, willing him not to stop.
“It would be hell to tear myself away, but I would, traveling back down your neck, lingering on each sumptuous breast before moving slowly down. I’d kiss the edge of your - are you sure you want me to carry on?”
“If you want,” she said, her voice almost a growl now. Her mind had been completely taken over by her clitoris, and she knew now how men must feel almost every day.
“I definitely want. I want you. Where was I? Oh yes, I was gently nibbling your thighs. I would tease you, lick closer and closer to your cunt, and then move away.”
“Of course you would. You’re that kind of guy.”
Carolyn had regained her confidence now, and spoke with a power that surprised her, and clearly delighted her seducer…or whatever he was.
“But I’m also the kind of guy who delivers. A single finger, I’d open you up, explore your deepness and darkness. I’d play with you and you’d cry out in an agony of unrequited lust, and then, only then, only when you begged, I would plunge my tongue deep into your vagina, and you will feel more alive than ever before, and your entire existence will collapse down into your g spot. And you will be ready for me.”
Carolyn knew what he meant. Because she could feel the uncomfortable knot of her g string, riding up into her newly moist vagina. Part of her wanted just to take her hand there and offer herself the relief she needed, but luckily somewhere in her brain some part of her remembered she was in public, in an art gallery.
“Listen, maybe I should just - ” the voice taunted her.
“Finish the fucking story!” Carolyn’s voice burst forth.
“I would devour you. I would eat your cunt until you came, your entire body shaking - you’re getting carried away now aren’t you?”
Carolyn felt her body start shaking. The tremor started in her g spot and radiated through her body, every nerve ending inundated with the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She heard herself crying out, and she didn’t care. A feeling as good as this, why should she care. The world went blank, a shower of tingling white stars.
When she recovered, she spun around, in time to see the corner of a black leather jacket. She had to find this man. She rushed to the main gallery, knocking into a thin, nervous man, glasses taped together, who was clearly used to knocking into people. “Excuse me,” he stammered, but Carolyn had already rushed past, chasing a man who was walking out the door. Bursting into the foyer, she saw two men in identical black leather coats about to step out the door.
“Wait!” she cried. They both turned - one a tall, languid, movie star of a man, the other an angry looking man in his fifties. She put a hand to her neck, where the fingerprints still burned. She waited for one of them to acknowledge her, to acknowledge what she had just experienced. She stared at the men, who stared back. Behind her, the nervous man had come into the room as well. Oh crap. He was wearing a black leather jacket.
“Sorry!” Carolyn said flustered. She turned back towards the gallery. The statues were still there, maintaining their stone cold silence. She went in to the little room, and looked at the painting. The woman in the painting was smiling with her. She looked - she looked a little like Carolyn. She looked fucking gorgeous. Carolyn stepped closer, and read the title. “Orgasm”, it read, “Artist Unknown”.
“You had this planned all along, didn’t you?” Carolyn whispered to the portrait, smiling. And for the second time that day, Carolyn found herself thanking an artwork. She was about to turn when she felt the man behind her again. She was about to swing around, but stopped herself. She didn’t need to know, she just needed to feel.
“I come here every Thursday,” he said, and her body for a split second remembered. Then he was gone. She waved goodbye to the portrait.
“I’ll be back,” she called, as she left the room.
Outside the world had become a cliché. The sky was blue, the sun was shining bright, the birds were singing in the trees, she had a swing in her step. She fully expected a bluebird to land on her shoulder and a gospel choir to strike up the Hallelujah chorus. She strained her ears, waiting. And her cellphone rang. A jolt back to reality: a client wanting a quote; then the bank wanting some details; an agency looking to put her on the books; her doctor…A call to go back. Back to work, back to her life. Back home.
But on her way home, Carolyn went to the fabric store.
That night seemed like every other recently. They passed the evening in virtual silence, and eventually Carolyn excused herself. Michael assumed she’d gone to the study, and he was preparing for a night slumped in front of the TV. He had just turned on the news when Carolyn entered, draped in a bit of red silk.
“Darling, I’m just going to bed if you want to..?”
She didn’t need to finish the question.
They both knew that yes, he did.

      Well I hope you've um..."enjoyed" yourselves ;)

Until Sex Time...this is Soror Hoov'mm saying...

Fuck You <3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's just get this straight...




      I just had to do it...because for soooome unfathomable reason people seem to be unaware of the difference. "Wait..there's a difference?" Uhhh...yeah.So ONCE again I'm forced to play algebra teacher and break it down.
      For as long as I can remember the terms "Freak" and "Hoe" have been used interchangeably to describe the same kind of woman. If you're confused let me just direct your attention below to exhibit "A"

Here you will see a dialog between 2 friends where the two words in question are used to describe the same woman.

Tony: Man … did you ever mess with that chic you met at the club last week?  She was phat!

Friend: Yeah … I hit her up last week.  And you know … we got up …

Tony: Really?  Man …

Friend: Yeah man … she was a freak!

Tony: Damn … she was doing some crazy stuff off a random club beat?

Friend: Naw … I mean she let me hit after no time.  She seems like she does it at least once a month from talking to her.

Tony: So you mean she a hoe.

Friend: Hoe … freak … whatever.

Tony: *shakes head slowly* Man … they aren’t the same. Don’t you know the difference?

Friend:*puzzled look*

      Now don't get it twisted people. A freak CAN be a hoe and vise versa. I just need the difference to be noted. So to help differentiate a little more I decided to look up the definitions for you in the lovely "Book of Ebonics".

A sexually liberal individual.  Someone who is willing and eager to try and do all the things that you were told not to do.  The type of things involving three people, midgets, toys, and exposure to people in public.  She is comfortable with their body and their sexuality and not willing to let their inhibitions stop them. Unlike a hoe can be limited to one sexual partner.

A person of loose sexual nature.  They have had a lot of sexual partners … are not very discerning in who they sleep with … and may very well have earned a reputation for their willingness to sleep with someone.  They are known as women of a “loose nature.”

      Now that we have that we have THAT all cleared up let me go on to say that YES this is a freak blog and YES us Sorors are in fact freaks. But one thing we ARE NOT are hoes, whores, sluts, jump-offs or any other demeaning names given to women. So with that being said...Guys tuck your dicks away and roll your tongues up. Ladies if you fall under the definition of a whore PUH-LEEZE drop all hopes of becoming a sister and vacate this premises. 

Sorry folks this post doesn't merit a question :)

Until Sex Time...this is Soror Hoov'mm saying...

Fuck You <3 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Under the Sheets With Soror Hoov'mm (1st edition)

      So I decided to start a blog within a blog. Silly? maybe...Entertaining? Most likely. I figured I'd take this opportunity to elaborate on my name a little since I'm sure some...if not all of you...are wondering what it means and how the hell I got it.    
      If you haven't figured it out from the ridiculously large "I <3 Giving Head" sign then I'll have one of the sorors direct you to the nearest special ed teacher's blog. But any who...let me get my algebra on and break it down for you. Lets start with Hoov...which should also be obvious but eh...Hoov is pretty much an abbreviation of Hoover...which I'm pretty sure we all know as a top of the line vacuum. Need I say more? Now lets play english teacher for a sec. Note that if you look ...Hoov is made of 3 letters...H,O,and V. To most folks...that spells Hov lol...and we all know what that means :) Buf for those of us who don't heres the definition taken straight from the "Book of Ebonics" ( located in the vocab of a brutha/sistah near you) Hov:   adj. Extremely awesome, God like, coming from Jehovah which is the Hebrew word for god. Made popular by artist Jay Z
      Now that we're done with our little vocab lesson lets move on to the rest of the name shall we?

      As much as I'd like it to be, there really isn't some complex logic as to why I chose to stick the apostrophe double "m" at the end. The only reason that is there is because it's the only sound a man can make while he's boxing with my uvula (dangly thing in the back of our throats people). It normally starts with a deep manly rumble...but give me a good minute or two...I'll turn it into a high "you sound like my bitch" squeak.
      BUT! all in all when you see the name Soror Hoov'mm (or a vacuum cleaner) you'll think of "head so immaculate you woulda thought she was  suckin ya soul through ya shyt!"( actual quote but thats another installment all together )

      As usual I'll leave you all with a question: If you were a sister what would YOUR name be and why? You never know...if you have good enough  reason you might find yourself invited!

Until Sex Time... this is Soror Hoov'mm saying...

Fuck You <3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

So you think you're ONF Material huh?

      I'm sure most are wondering..."How do I join ONF?" Well while the option to pledge is open to all women I have to say that less than 95% of all the pledges will actually be inaugurated into the ONF sisterhood.Now I'm not saying this to discourage anyone I'm just keeping it 200 with you all.The vast majority of pledges will be by invite only. "How do I get invited?" By catching the attention of one of the ONF Sorors with activity on the blog OR by sending a MINIMUM 1 PAGE essay explaining why you're ONF material to the inbox of 1 of the 2 links below and one of the Sorors will read and respond ASAP. Now I know what you're thinking...all it takes is an essay? answer that insanity....HELL NAW! That's just the first step to get a toe in the door. "Well what else is there?" THAT my loves I can't tell you since half of you wont even make it past the essay phase (theres that realness again).

    I think that's all I have to say as far as pledging...if I think of something else I'll keep you guys posted.

    So I guess I'll leave you folks with a question...

      When did you realize you were a quote unquote ...freak?

Looking forward to reading your answers! 

Until Sex Time... this is Soror Hoov'mm saying...

Fuck You <3

Layin Down...the law that is :)

      So I thought it would only but make sense to make my second entry about the R&R's of ONF Blog. For those who don't know R&R stands for rules & regulations. Now most of these will probably be more common sense than anything...but then again common sense ain't so common huh? 
      Since most of my blog visitors aren't actually ONF sorors and just women whom are curious about the sorority or men who wonder how many women are actually freaks these rules are more or less directed toward you. So without further delay...drum roll please....

  • R&R #1- PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING YOUR OR ANYONE ELSE'S REAL NAMES!!there is a reason this is r&r numero uno. The top 2 reasons being that this is a PUBLIC blog and most people have a PUBLIC image to uphold weather it be at school work etc. The second being that I'm sure most of you have spouses and are in relationships I'm sure you're happy with and the stories that will be shared here might just jeopardize such happiness. So while we're on the subject of names...that brings me to...
  • R&R #2- If you are NOT a sister of ONF PUH-LEEEZE refrain from using the prefix "Soror". We sisters find it HIGHLY disrespectful as we have worked hard for our names. Plus you never know...that name might already be in use and if not why not just ask for pledging info?
  • R&R #3- Keep the comments respectful folks. I'm not saying we all have to agree I'm just saying debate respectfully and peacefully. Remember we're all here because nobody else understands lets stick together shall we?
  • R&R #4- PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SHARING PERSONAL CONTACT INFO WITHIN THE COMMENTS!!! (I probably should've put this in with r&r numero uno but eh...) If you really feel you want to get to know somebody fine...but do it in private NOT here. Plus you don't want random people stalking your facebook now do you?
                   *****GOLDEN RULE*****
                            HAVE FUN!
Remember we all have a love that brings us together...So lets keep our freaky lil family together and happy 

Until Sex Time this is Soror Hoov'mm saying Fuck You (in a great mind blowing toe curling way of course)



      Let me introduce myself. Not my "normal" self (whatever it is that defines the grounds of normality) Not the woman who attends college, stresses over finals, and watches documentaries for the hell of it I want to introduce my quote unquote TRUE self. A more sensual, sexy, perverse, and down right freaky self that the world may never see. My name is Soror Hoov'mm and I am the sole founder of Omega Nu Fuck'em.
      For as long as I can remember I've always had an infatuation with the mysterious world that presents its self exclusively (well almost exclusively but we'll discuss that on a later note) behind closed doors. For the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me. This thinking I'm 100% sure came from all the taboo that surrounds events of intimacy especially when you're a child. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the "good little boys and girls don't touch 'down there' except to wash" line parents and adult figures used to pitch at us. But all the while mommy is having fun with the "rabbit" that lives in her pantie drawer and daddy is hand raising "Mr.Johnson" in the shower.
      This was always confusing for all of us right?
      Well as with all things complicated it only gets more complicated with time. Let me elaborate on that little fact for a bit. All the way up until we hit puberty ( around 11-13?) we sneak around with ourselves thinking knowing one's own touch is morally sinful. Then for some reason after a certain age its magically A-the-fuck-ok to masturbate and now even to start experimenting with another person. We're ecstatic right? Yup! All the way up until you find out you STILL have restrictions. At this point we're around the ages of 14-17/18 maybe even up to 20 when sucking dick and eating pussy is most definitely out of the question. Who the heck made up all this shyt?!?!!
      Even now there are still many sexual restrictions either implemented by society, religion, or even one's self. Is there not a place where we can be sexually uninhibited? Where we can just let go and be completely free in our sexuality without shame and or fear of judgement? Without being called a slut, whore, ho, or any other demeaning name given to a woman whom has a healthy sexual appetite and isn't afraid to do what gets her off?
      My answer to you is yes. Here within the pages of this blog, within the bond of this sisterhood, and within the trust of your fellow sorors....your sisters you will be allowed all the freedom the world refuses to provide you. Here you can let loose and be the true you without fear and without judgement. Feel free to unleash all the sexual tension that's welled up inside you and soar to unexplored heights. We are all one in the same here as we all have felt repressed but are now letting go.
      So with that said....

      Welcum and Cum Well

                                                       Lustfully yours,
                                        ~Soror Hoov'mm